Treatment Program for Osteoarthritis


The Regenokine Program is a new, non-surgical therapeutic approach for treating Osteoarthritis and low back pain. For further information please contact us.


What is the Regenokine Program?

The Regenokine Program is a non-surgical treatment program used to treat Osteoarthritis, joint pain, low back pain and some muscle and tendon issues. The Regenokine Program uses your bodies own natural healing components to resolve pain, improve mobility, restore function and reduce inflammation in your joints.


Who created the Regenokine Program?

The Regenokine Program originated primarily from the work of Dr. Peter Wehling, an orthopedic surgeon, and his research associate in Germany, Julio Reinecke, PhD.  With the help of Pitt Professors Paul Robbins and Christopher Evans, Drs. Wehling and Reinecke discovered the root cause and solution for Osteoarthritis, the Regenokine Program.

The Regenokine Program was completed by Dr. Chris Renna, who devised the complementary nutritional, supplement, and lifestyle components of the program.


What you need to know about the Regenokine Program:

  • •   Non-surgical treatment program
  • •   Uses your bodies own natural healing componenets
  • •   No restrictions on activity or movement during treatment
  • •   Reduces pain
  • •   Increases mobility
  • •   Helps to restore healthy joint function
  • •   Protects and preserves healthy cartilage
  • •   Safe for use in all joints (all peripheral joints and spine)


What are the main components of the Regenokine Program?

There are three main components:

  • Regenokine Program
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle and Exercise


The Regenokine Program: Diet and Nutrition

Eating well can not only significantly diminish the pain of existing arthritis, but also enhance the effects of Regenokine injections and improve your overall health.

Certain nutritional supplements are also helpful in reducing pain and stiffness by effecting inflammation.

The Regenokine Program will provide you with everything you need to make the dietary changes necessary to improve your joint pain, enhance the effects of Regenokine injections and achieve optimal body weight.


The Regenokine Program: Lifestyle and Exercise

Ideal Body Weight: Being overweight and unfit contribute to arthritis and its myriad symptoms, including feeling unmotivated and depressed. Eating well, reducing inflammation, losing weight, doing more exercise and gaining muscle are all anti-arthritis strategies that we encourage and assist you in doing.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Some arthritis patients look thin and lean but are over-fat. They too can benefit from a customized diet, sleep and exercise program.

Supplements: Individualized, high quality supplements are recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the Regenokine Program and your overall health.

Healthy Sleep: Sleep is the longest period of lowest inflammation. You heal while sleeping. Poor, non-restorative sleep and its effects are usually obvious, yet some people are sleeping long hours and awakening feeling tired. Arthritis can disturb sleep in several ways causing chronic fatigue. We gather information about your sleep and other activities and help you regain restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Proper and sufficient exercise: Exercise helps preserve the strength, mobility and integrity of the ligaments and muscles that not only support the joint, but also allow the joint to move in its normal range of motion. When people have Osteoarthritis, they often try to protect the joint by moving differently, which creates imbalances, leading to further restriction of movement.

Healthy perspective: You’re only as healthy as you feel. Many times, the pain and disability of arthritis, even minor manifestations like bumpy finger joints or sore big toe, can drag you down and cause emotional and psychological distress. There are many ways to lift your spirits and help you feel confident and capable, but none are more effective than having us help you relieve your pain, restore your mobility, improve your diet, lose some weight and sleep well.


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Link: The Regenokine Program – new treatment for osteoarthritis, non-surgical treating ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger and spine

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