Breaking Down the Benefits (& Risks) of Quitting Sugar


Jasmine Garnsworthy spoke to Dr. Lanae Mullane, our director of nutrition, about integrative nutrition & holistic health.  We have found that cutting excess sugar is a sound component of our holistic health plans but there’s much more to it than just that.  Our integrative nutrition plans can include both cutting sugar but also adding other anti-aging nutrition elements to your diet. Here's a snippet with a bit of advice for anti-aging. 

After cutting out all sugar, Wilson lost weight, no longer experiences 3 p.m. slumps in energy, and reports being able to manage her disease much better—she’s still sugar-free even five years later. She’s since released an eight-week guide that includes meal plans and shopping lists, recipes, community support, and a video to help other people wean themselves off sugar too. e guide promises to help followers drop pounds; improve their sleeping patterns; feel more energetic; and have clearer skin, better moods, and a greater ability to concentrate.

Dr. Lanae Mullane, the director of nutrition at LifeSpan Medicine, explained that the benefit to limiting sugar is improved glycemic control (stable blood sugar), which is fundamental for feeling good and for promoting long-term health. “Achieving glycemic control improves brain function and body composition and prevents accelerated aging,” she said. Basically, when your blood sugar crashes and skyrockets after eating sweet food, there’s an immediate effect on brain function, which “can lead to symptoms like fatigue, poor concentration, and anxiety,” Dr. Mullane explained. “Limiting sugar is one of the quickest ways to optimize your brain power and energy level.”

When it comes to your weight, consuming excess sugar can lead to what experts call “impaired glucose tolerance” (the inability to properly metabolize carbohydrates) and diabetes. “Instead of converting glucose into energy, you store it as fat, particularly in the midsection. Limiting sugar is an effective strategy for improving your body composition and preventing diabetes,” she explained.
— Jasmine Garnsworthy

Check out Jasmine’s personal essay on quitting sugar if you want to learn more about what Dr. Mullane had to share.  Or give us a call and go through LifeSpan medicine’s intake process for integrative nutrition and holistic health and see what we can do to help you with our integrative medicine approach to health.