The New Lexicon of Healthcare

Michael Wood Fitness checks in with LifeSpan medicine to learn about what is done to help clients achieve a better & healthier life through integrative preventive health patient plans. He was especially interested in the language that is used by physicians, and especially the experts at LifeSpan medicine, to help clients better understand their issues, goals, and treatments. Please take a look at this lexicon and if you would like to learn more, take a look at the website.  We covered several other topics such as alternative osteoarthritis therapy and more.

Here's a small quote concerning integrative medicine.

With these new advancements come a new language of medical health terminology. Dr. Chris Renna breaks it down and explains the new trends.

MEDICAL LEXICON Integrative medicine:

Integrative medicine brings together 4 principles in creating a unique medical approach:

Holistic / Comprehensive: everything in the body affects everything else. Nothing is separate or isolated.

Inclusive / Integrative: invites the best medical practices worldwide with an emphasis on cultural norms or how each person was conditional. For example acupuncture might be a second choice treatment for an American individual but a first choice treatment for a Korean individual.

Functional: looking for the origin of problems, treating causes not symptoms

Complimentary / synergistic: Using treatments or techniques that are beneficial when used individually but are more beneficial used together. For example: Healthy diet + exercise + sleep produces better health than one or two of these alone.

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