Inflammation - Why Food Matters

Dr Lanae Mullane, LifeSpan medicine's Director of Nutrition, shared some thoughts with Yoga Digest on the diet's role in inflammation and allergy and how you can apply that to anti-aging techniques. She discusses the impact on your body, regarding food sensitivities and how those reactions are delayed and more subtle than food allergies. These symptoms can include GI issues like bloating, getting headaches, joint issues, brain fog, low energy, and chronic pain.  Many days after a food is eaten is when you will actually see these symptoms. Common food sensitivities are wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and also tree nuts.

Consuming inflammatory foods regularly accelerates the aging process. When inflammation becomes chronic; cells, tissues, and organs of your body become damaged (e.g arthritis). There are varying degrees of inflammation produced when a problem food is consumed. In general, the greater the inflammatory response, the more severe the symptom.

You can do an objective test to determine inflammatory foods or you can do an experiment. Eliminate highly inflammatory foods (wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish) from your diet for at least 1 month. After a month systematically reintroduce one food at a time back into your diet and pay attention to how you feel for 3 days. Foods that trigger a symptom should be avoided. Foods you tolerate can be reintroduced back into your diet.
— Dr. Lanae Mullane

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