The 6 Tools of High Performance Medicine You Need to Know About

Sondra Forsyth with Third Age spoke to Dr. Chris Renna about the service we offer and our take on high performance medicine at LifeSpan medicine.  They spoke about holistic health, sports medicine, and naturopathic medicine among other things.  Give it look if you are so inclined. 

The doctors at the Los Angeles and Dallas LifeSpan medicine clinics cater to Olympic athletes, NBA and NFL players, team owners, celebrities and executives. Dr. Chris Renna and Dr. Moshe Ben-Roohi are experts and pioneers in high performance medicine and are available to speak about:

1. Regenerative Medicine – The key to ending pain and turning back the clock on aging. Cutting-edge non-surgical technology makes it possible to treat back, knee and joint pain without invasive procedures. Treatments like A2M, PRP, Bone Marrow Concentrate and Prolotherapy are becoming increasingly popular with athletes and weekend warriors alike.
2 ...
— Sondra Forsyth

If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Renna and his team of professionals can help you deal with issues such as back pain, adrenal fatigue, osteoarthritis, and other such conditions then contact us so that we can share with you more of how our integrative medicine techniques can be brought to bear on your specific needs.