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How to Prevent the Most Common Sports Injuries

Gerri Miller with From the Grapevine interviewed LifeSpan medicine's Dr. Moshe Ben-Roohi on sports medicine and injury prevention.  What follows is a fascinating set of suggestions and ideas about how the body can recover best from both practice and injury.  Most importantly Dr. Ben-Roohi speaks to the growing space between RICE & surgery.  

In order to avoid preventable injuries, we really need to know our bodies. We need to recognize when we’ve left it all on the field and it’s time to stop. This applies to running, competitive sports, and working out in the gym. And it applies to sprained ankles, hamstring injuries, knee, back, and hip injuries too. If you look at injuries in basketball games, almost all of them are in the last quarter when the players are tired and their muscles are overworked. Struggling to do those last couple of reps might seem like a good idea, but it could end up sidelining you with a lingering injury.

Warming up prior to play is crucial. Golfers who take just 10 minutes to warm up before a game have significantly less back and wrist injuries. This makes perfect sense: you need to get your blood flowing to the joints, muscles, and ligaments you’re going to be working most. Taking a few practice swings can also be a great time to work on your visualization, which has been shown to improve performance in multiple sports.
— Gerri Miller

If you find this of value please read the whole interview at From the Grapevine.  LifeSpan medicine cares for many elite athletes worldwide who sometimes travel to us at our locations in both Santa Monica and Dallas. Dr. Ben-Roohi is a renowned expert in non-surgical treatments for joint and spine issues which can be caused by age, auto-immune issues as well as sports related injuries. Contact us to learn more about how LifeSpan medicine can be of service to you in your athletic endeavors or just to have vitality and longevity through optimal health.